BIC Lighters

BIC Lighters
BIC lighters, also known as BIC pocket lighters, are a popular brand of disposable lighters. The company behind BIC lighters, Société Bic, was founded by Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard in Clichy, France, in 1945. Initially, the company focused on making fountain pens and other writing instruments.

In 1973, BIC introduced its first disposable lighter, known as the BIC Classic or BIC Cristal. This lighter was designed to be reliable, safe, and convenient for everyday use.

BIC lighters gained popularity due to their affordable price, simple design, and ease of use. They were seen as a convenient alternative to traditional refillable lighters and matchsticks. The BIC Lighter design features a child-resistant mechanism and a simple flick-and-light ignition process.

BIC introduced various lighter models and sizes to cater to different needs, including pocket-sized lighters, candle lighters, and multi-purpose lighters. The company also released special edition lighters featuring different designs, colors, and themes.

BIC has always emphasized safety in its lighter designs, incorporating features like child-resistant mechanisms. In recent years, the company has also taken steps to address environmental concerns by promoting proper disposal of its products and exploring more sustainable packaging options.