Champ Lighters

Champ Lighters
Champ lighters are a popular brand of lighters known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. They come in various styles and designs, including classic disposable lighters, refillable lighters, and torch lighters. Champ lighters are often favored by smokers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts due to their long-lasting flames and easy-to-use functionality.

Popular Champ Lighers

Champ aka Revolt (c. 1955):
The Champ aka Revolt lighter emerged around 1955. Its design and functionality made it a notable choice for smokers.

Champ Trimlite (c. 1955):
Another variant from the Champ family, the Champ Trimlite, also surfaced around 1955. Like its counterparts, it likely boasted a sleek design and practicality, appealing to cigarette enthusiasts.

Champ-O-Matic (c. 1957):
The Champ-O-Matic entered the scene in approximately 1957. Its name suggests automation or ease of use. Perhaps it had innovative features that set it apart from other lighters of its time.

Jet Stream (c. 1962):
The Champ Jet Stream lighter, introduced around 1962, shares similarities with the Beattie Jet Lighter. Both lighters achieved a remarkable feat: shooting a two to three-inch flame by tilting the brass jet tip toward the lit petrol wick. While the Jet Stream’s primary purpose was practical, its aesthetics also played a role in its appeal.