Ronson Lighters

Ronson Lighters
Ronson is a well-known brand that has been associated with lighters and other products since its founding in the early 20th century.

The Ronson company was founded by Louis V. Aronson in 1897 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. The company initially started by producing various metal products, including lighters, pocketknives, and other accessories.

In 1913, Louis Aronson and his brother Samuel Aronson introduced the world’s first automatic lighter, which they called the “Banjo.” This lighter used a flint and a wheel mechanism to produce a spark, igniting the fuel source. This was a significant innovation in the field of lighters, as it eliminated the need for matches or external ignition sources.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Ronson expanded its product line to include a range of stylish and decorative lighters. The company became known not only for their functional design but also for their artistic and decorative elements. These lighters often featured intricate designs, engravings, and finishes, making them popular as luxury items.

Ronson continued to innovate during this period. In the mid-1930s, they introduced the first lighter with an adjustable flame, allowing users to control the size and intensity of the flame. They also developed new ignition systems and improved fuel efficiency.

During World War II, Ronson shifted its production towards military equipment, such as trench lighters and other metal goods for the war effort. After the war, the company returned to producing consumer goods, including lighters.

As cigarette smoking declined and safety regulations tightened, Ronson began to diversify its product line to include items such as electric shavers, butane torches, and other small appliances. The company shifted its focus away from lighters as its primary product.

Despite the transition away from its origins, Ronson lighters remain collectible items. Vintage Ronson lighters, especially those from the early years of production, are sought after by collectors for their design, craftsmanship, and historical significance.

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